• Kirstin Belken

Holy Cannoli it's COLD!!

I hope this email finds you warm inside!! SO... Fun stuff first! - I have decided to do a product and service spotlight monthly.

I'm sure many of you have noticed my promos and have already booked! SO EXCITING!! I have so many new and awesome services I am rolling out this year and I want you to try each and every one of them!! More on that in my Feb e-mail. - My monthly event will be the SmileLabs on Tuesday, February 5th. I am seriously stoked that I can offer this service to you guys with them as I do this myself. The prices are $79 for single session and $149 for double session (most popular). Booking for this event will be at www.smilelabsiowa.com. Don't forget to schedule for Tuesday, February 5th since she is doing a pop up AT Kissed Peach. Each attendee will put their name in a basket to have a drawing for a free product or credit (up to $40). - I have been considering doing a Q&A for my people as I feel like when I talk to people about HOW and WHY during their services I sound like a crazy person. I feel like answering questions asked by YOU will be helpful for everyone rather than trying to absorb all my suggestions and info while trying to relax. Thoughts? Ideas? Is that something that interests you? Lemme know! - On Mondays this year starting February 1st, I have decided to offer what I am affectionately calling #maskmonday, where for a $10 add on I do a hydrojelly mask to compliment your skin service. These masks are the cool ones you see on Instagram and they are full of amazing ingredients! I'm pretty excited about offering these! - I am making my referral program better... GASP!! OK, so how? Each person who refers a client who has a service with me receives 20% off their service, product OR package! BUT WAIT! The new person ALSO gets this 20% off!! THERE'S MORE!! I have referral cards to hand out with areas for the existing and new client's names, when those cards get returned at the end of the month I will be doing a drawing for a free product or credit (up to $40) for BOTH the names on the card. I have decided to make this referral program worth it and badass because I want more of YOU - MY AMAZING TRIBE! So tell yo friends!!! Not as fun stuff...  - I am raising my prices on a select few service and packages. My accountant, Steve, has informed me that I am priced on some services lower than my actual cost (OOPS). Raising prices is hard for me, as I believe in affordability and accessibility in the beauty and wellness field, but in this case I have to (thanks, Steve). Ya live ya learn, right?

So here's what I want you to know: Your business is SO IMPORTANT to me and my promise is to continue to provide you with the best quality services and products. - I will no longer be accepting 2nd Groupons. Groupon is wonderful, as that's how I met a lot of my tribe. However, Groupon takes 40% of the price the client pays for the service and with the additional fees I cannot accept the initial sale price through Groupon more than once. Now having this policy, you can purchase your next package directly through me. To offset this for my wonderful tribe I have decided to offer the monthly service spotlight discount, giveaways at events, and an awesome referral program. PHEW!! That was a lot!!  As always I love and appreciate all of you and your support. -K

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