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Wow was that the longest winter ever?? I hope this email finds you enjoying these longer and warmer days! Spring break is in full force and I am stoked to be doing this Brazilian special to help you get ready for your much needed time off! As you may have noticed I have been doing more social media and Facebook ads. Lots of fun stuff like giveaways and such are in the works so make sure you like our social media page to be "in the know". -The next event is Tuesday April 2nd and it is with injectionist Susanne from 360 Wellness! We will be taking time slots for filler and botox from 3-6. I have had a lot of interest so if you are interested please get ahold of me for a time slot!! -Many of you have loved my service spotlights and I AM SO THRILLED that you do! I am seriously so grateful and gosh darn appreciative for each and every one of you that I love offering you killer deals and discounts to see your beautiful faces more and help you feel good about your skin while trying something new and giving you a sweet deal! SOOOOO April I have decided to do a treatment Dermaplane and enzyme peel combo procedure for 50% off!!! PCA just came out with an AMAZING enzyme and of course I cant wait to show you what it can do! This service spotlight will go April 1-30th only. More details on this procedure can be found on our social media. -In not as fun news I just wanted to give you all a heads up that if I do not get back to you via text or email in a timely manner my grandma is in stage 4 colon cancer and we do not have much time with her. I have been trying to fit quality time in with her as much as possible. So this is an excellent opportunity to remind/mention that through Vagaro you can check your appointment times, change appointment times, make an appointment, cancel an appointment... you get the idea. I really, especially now, strongly encourage you all to use Vagaro for these purposes, if possible. As always I try hard to answer all questions and be as available as I can and i just wanted to give you a heads up if I may not respond a fast a normal. Love and good vibes, K OH! And do not forget to celebrate International Happiness Day March 20!

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